April 12

The First Day

Here I am now walking to the office about to get my prize, but before I tell you I’m going to tell you the beginning. I was walking down the hall to my locker and I looked down and saw a 20 dollar bill.

I picked it up and I was thinking what to do with it. Keep it, keep it, said a voice in my head. I was wanting to keep it but it wasn’t mine. I walked up to the office and handed it in. I didn’t want to give it up but if I didn’t it would be stealing. As far as I know it could be someones lunch money.

The next few days were long. The wait was killing me, I wasn’t wanting anyone to pick it up. Day after day for two weeks I was waiting.

Finally the day came. The principal called me to the office, so here I am now walking to the office waiting to see what he had in store for me. I was sitting in the chair thinking that someone picked it up, and if they did why did he call me up here? The principal called me to his office, and had a smile on his face, and an envelope in his hand. What’s inside it? I thought to myself. He said,“Adrian you did the right thing and doing the right thing gets rewarded. You found the money on the ground. You turned it in, you could have kept it.” He handed me the envelope and said that no one picked it up and the $20 is in there, so that it is mine to keep. I felt like the happiest person ever.

February 21

He Was There

God has been there since the begining
He new what you woould be since the begining
In the beginning he was there
He made all
He made you
He loves you
He helped you though good and bad times
He loves you for who you are!

February 15


We are doing a project in math that we get to use Minecraft! We get to build houses towers and more! All we have to do is build and use math to find the rim, perimeter, and area. And its all we have do for three weeks.  That’s pretty cool! THANK YOU MRS. HARRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

February 8

My favorite sense

My favorite sense is seeing because with it you can see what is around you and what you are doing or even what your eating well you can smell but that doesn’t really help you as much as we need it. So les see what seeing does for you. 1. Helps you see where you are 2. What your doing and how your doing it.                                                                                                      If  I couldn’t see I would be hitting walls, running into people and not knowing what you are doing. If you can’t see you can’t cook, play outside, or play sports.

January 28

I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929. He had an older sister and an younger brother. His father was a preacher at the church. When he got older he married Coretta Scott.

There was a lot of civil rights movements but the main one was the march on Washington it was in 1963. He was trying to get the rights for blacks to be free and equal. He said a speech that was 17 minutes long soon to be known as the “I Have a Dream” speech. I can’t  think of anyone else who would step up for other people like that.

         He is my hero because of his bravery and courage. He stepped up for others and fought for equal rights and because of that we can be friends with blacks.